• consulting

    Consulting & Analysis Services

    Did you know businesses on average exhaust Internet marketing budgets building elaborate websites without a plan or strategy & often are disappointed by the return on investment.

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    design & development

    Design & Development
    planning, Design & Development

    The web sites design & development structure are precisely laid out to ensure that all necessary features & functionality are understood & included.

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    Deployment & Hosting Solutions

    I offer hosting if you require it! if not, I am happy to consult with you regarding other hosting options, or evaluate your current host in order to meet your needs.

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  • Educations


    Registered Member of British Computing Society
    BSc (Hons) Internet Computing - London, UK
    OCR & RSA
    BSc Chemistry - Tehran, Iran



    Tooska Khorasan Engineering
    Negin Bam Paint & Chemicals
    Bam Khodro Trading & Services
    Kerman Motor
    OPT Consultants
    Innovate Consultants
    Navig8 Europe Ltd
    Secoda Risk Management Ltd



    .NET Framework, ASP.NET, VB.NET
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Adobe Photoshop
    Silverlight, JQuery

  • professional services

    I offer you the best architecture for your website requirements. I have in my team the best brains to deliver all the customize processes on time with quality outputs. My services are well equipped to meet various projects much to the expectations of my client’s requirements. I assure you my custom web site development, software development and web design services will implement your project from scratch to a published final solution.

  • recent works

    • Tooska Khorasan Official Website

      Tooska Trading Group

      one of the most famous suppliers of Cosmetic, Hygienic, Food & Pharmaceutical raw materials ...
      launch website

    • Kerman Motor Official Website

      Kerman Motor

      Iranian vehicle manufacturer, manufactures vehicles such as Lifan X60, Lifan 620, JAC J5, JAC J3 ...
      launch website

    • Negin Bam Official Website

      Negin Bam Paint & Chemicals

      Producer of Chemicals and Paint Products such as Preserver, Degreaser, Sealer, Phosphate, Accessory,...
      launch website

    • Bam Khodro Official Website

      Bam Khodro Trading & Services

      One of the Iranian auto parts supplier, produces a wide range of automobile parts including Lifan X60, JAC, ...
      launch website

    • OPT Tennis Open Official Website

      OPT Tennis Open

      Kia Motors Tennis Open was the largest tennis event to be held in Enghelab Sports complex tennis courts...
      launch website

    • IFFTS Official Website

      Iranian Freight Forwarding Services

      Iranian Int'l Freight Forwarding & Transport Services is a dynamic company in the transportation industry ...
      launch website

    • Brand Conference Official Website

      Brand Conference

      The international brand conference's aiming to develop and promote brand knowledge throughout Iran ...
      launch website

    • GSS International Group Official Website

      GSS International Group

      A company where relationships have stood the test of time and grown into successful partnerships ...
      launch website

    • OPT Tennis Club Official Website

      opt tennis club

      coming soon

    • Mahram Food Industries Group Official Website

      Mahram Food Industries Group

      One of the pioneers in producing Kinds of Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, Pickles, jams, Honey, Tomato Sauces ...
      launch website

    • Brand Magazine Official Website

      Brand Magazine

      the first magazine about branding issues in Iran, published in Persian ...
      launch website

  • Get in touch

    Not sure where to begin? I offer consulting services for online businesses from website development, social media, branding, usability, to search engine positioning. Consultation is a great way tap into my rich knowledgebase & to save your budget. Let's talk!

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    Cell:+98 91 23 83 14 12

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  • Consulting & Analysis Services

    I am firm believer that enough time should be spent to professionally & intelligently offer your web site users the right amount of information to move them in the direction of contacting your company. Clients hire me because of my knowledge & ability to deliver quality cost/return solutions.
    The web offers users the ability to efficiently use search engines to browse through many companies within minutes. If your web site doesn't draw their undivided attention within a few moments of viewing, you may have lost them for good.
    Following consulting services can be offered:

    • Domain name research
    • Web site & interface analysis
    • Web application functionality & flow
    • Search engine marketing
    • Web budget & development phase planning
    • Competitor research

    I will share my knowledge & understanding of the web to help you make smart decisions. My philosophy to build web sites in stages will never be altered. Why spend enormous amounts of money building your site without first knowing if you're moving in the right direction? By taking the time to build each phase with great detail & attention, your site will gradually develop into a successful electronic version of your business.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time to discover the possibilities.

  • planning, design & development

    Following is an overview of internal development process, which may vary depending upon the specific needs of the client & the level of client-requested service.


    The planning phase is the most important & often overlooked step of the development process. It takes time, patience, experience & involves conducting a detailed needs assessment consisting of the following:

    • General needs overview
    • Graphical design requirements
    • Development of goals & objectives
    • Analysis of the target audience
    • Review of competitor & related sites
    • Review & consideration of site features & functionality
    • Cost/benefit comparisons
    • Hosting requirements
    • Marketing needs analysis
    • Available domain names
    • Determine text content & image needs
    • Current & future budget determination
    • Site maintenance options

    Structure Development

    Once the planning stage is complete, the web sites design & application structure are precisely laid out to ensure that all necessary features & functionality are understood & included. Failure to completely & accurately develop this stage will almost always result in costly additions, numerous complications, & the inability to deliver the finished project within specified timelines.

    • Number of required pages
    • Number of required page designs
    • Navigation flow & page placement
    • Application flow & page placement
    • Client approval

    Web Design

    This stage involves the actual design of your company's web site, which is also done in stages. This process is a continuation from the planning & structure development phases.

    Home page creation

    Your home page sets the standard for your company's image & is the most important page of your site.

    • Pre-screen drawings & internal consulting
    • On-screen theme & major element creation
    • Navigation, text & image placement
    • Internal & client review
    • Necessary alterations made
    • Client approval
    • Conversion to web format

    Sub-pages creation

    Sub-page design should be consistent with the theme & feel of your home page & isn't created until the home page has been carefully reviewed & approved.

    • Continue theme developed for the home page
    • Navigation, text, & image placement
    • Application elements placement
    • Internal & client review
    • Necessary alterations made
    • Client Approval
    • Conversion to web format
    • Add & populate the remaining pages

    Application Development

    Application design proceeds in much the same way as the other stages. Above all else, the applications must perform correctly, consistently, & be easy to use.

    • Determine functionality & scope of data involved
    • Lay out interface & flow of events
    • Client administration areas
    • Site user displays, continuing theme of home page & sub-pages
    • Internal & client review
    • Necessary alterations made
    • Client Approval
    • Final population of data

    Internal Review & Testing

    Although I carefully review & test throughout each phase of the development process, I take the necessary time to do a complete site check prior to the approval & release stage.

    Approval & Release

    Once I completed my internal review & testing, I ask that the client review all content, test navigation & application functionality, & approve the site before release to the internet.


    I will contact you after your site has been online for a few weeks to get your feedback & any feedback you've received from clients & employees.


    I will occasionally contact you to discuss results, needs, & additional ideas for future development. I am always available by telephone & email to assist you.

  • Deployment & Hosting Solutions

    Something that is overlooked by a lot of web designers and developers is what is actually involved in the deployment of a website; the process when you’ve finished developing the site, tested to make sure it works, and are ready to push it to a live web server.

    In a lot of cases, you will be dealing with clients who are getting their website for the first time, and there is nothing for you to really consider apart from the hosting solution to set them up on. As time goes on, you will start getting larger clients that may have existing websites already, or who have more complicated needs. You may find yourself in a scenario where the outcome could be a very unhappy client with data loss and a whole company’s worth of missing emails and site assets. Here are some basic steps that will ensure that you have covered all the bases for a smooth website deployment.

    Website Deployment Checklist

    • Having access to DNS record management or knowing the people to contact
    • Setting up the DNS records and making sure that all the settings are correct
    • Setting up and test the website on the production server (where it will live)
    • Setting up email accounts
    • Backing up the old site (if applicable) and deploying the new on

    How is it different from other web hosting companies?

    • placing your site online and set up your email accounts.
    • supplying a simple control panel to customers interested in managing their own account.
    • offering toll-free and email support.
    • accessing to a web professional at any time.